Yvonne Bohn

I have lived in Los Angeles since 1985 when I moved to Los Angeles from Montana to attend UCLA. I graduated with a BS in Psychobiology in 1991. I then attend USC Medical School, and did my residency in OB-GYN at USC which I completed in 1999. I worked as an Assistant Clinical Professor for USC for 3 years post residency and did private practice as well at Good Samaritan Hospital. I practiced there for 15 years with two colleagues from my residency class. As a trio we participated in a number of media events involved in educating women in Women’s Health. We were involved in a reality medical series called “Deliver Me” on Discovery Health and the Own Network for 4 seasons. During that time we collectively wrote “The Mommy Doc’s Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy and Birth” as well as being the medical spokes people for Monistat and EPT and serving as experts on talk shows, radio shows, blogging and magazine articles. I moved my practice to Santa Monicain June 2014. I am currently board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and starting my 17th year of practice post residency at Santa Monica Women’s Health adjacent to Providence St. John’s Hospital.
In my practice I provide comprehensive health care to women of all stages of their reproductive life ranging from onset of menses, through pregnancy, menopause and post-menopause. My focus is on preventive care to prevent and detect disease early. I offer management for contraception, menopause,diagnosing and treating pelvic tumorsand infertility as well as provide prenatal care and delivery.
Most recently I received training and became certified with the Mona Lisa Laser at the Laser Institute for Vaginal and Vulvar Health. I am so excited to offer this treatment to my patients. I think it a revolutionary to offer a treatment to improve vaginal atrophy and painful intercourse without requiring hormones or surgery.
I amvery passionate about preventive health and education. I believes strongly inmoderation, and most importantly, being fit and eating well. My favorite activities are cooking, gardening, running, skiing, biking and triathlons as well as spending time with my children Ryan, 13, and Kylie, 6 and my husband of 17 years, Bob.